About the blog

Very welcome, and thank you for visiting this site. Desire to Inspire is my personal blog, where I am writing things I wish someone would have told me when I needed it.

When I got saved I didn’t have much teaching from home or church, so Internet was the main channel through where I searched and received food for my hungry and desperate spirit, and I know it’s a media many other people uses as well.

This, however, is not a site with all the answers, it’s not even a theological site and does not contain much “teaching” as we know it. It’s more an inspirational and encouraging site where I am writing straight from my heart about subjects I feel are current and important. It is a mix of encouragement, bible thoughts and inspiring videos. I am not a theologian or not even a teacher, I am just a friend writing to another to be the “tap on a shoulder” when you need it.


As the title says, my desire is to inspire you in what I do. I am using this blog to express what is on my heart, what has helped me, blessed me, and hopefully I can bless and inspire someone else with it.


What keeps me going, is the joy and satisfaction of being a blessing for someone else. Whenever I recieve a comment from someone who has been encouraged by my articles it is such a joy for me, because then I know that God has done something and not I. That inspires me to keep going. So I would kindly ask you to let me know whenever something in ths blog has spoken to your heart. That would make my day!


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