Are you a duplicate or an original?

During my teenagers I spent a lot of time wishing that I was somebody else. I remember that I use to look at my friends and think “oh, if I only had a hair like that, or eyes like she has“. I found so many good things in others that I wished I have, but I never learned how to appreciate myself. I really wasted so much of time wishing I were somebody else, like most of us do.

The society has created the “perfect” ideal that all people should fit into, and if you don’t, you are different. We are so afraid of being different, but God has created us to be originals, like no one else. Even down to the fingerprints He has made us all different. Still we are trying to fit everyone into the same kind of clothes, hairstyles and skin colors.

Many times I find myself using the same words or body actions as other people I know or people I regularly see on TV. Even though I am born and brought up in Sweden and I have only lived in India for four months I sometimes find myself doing the typical indian “headshake” or speaking with an Indian accent. It is the same way if I go to any other nation or spend time with any other people. It is nothing wrong in it, but why is it that we get so easily conformed to other people and their behaviors? No wonder Jesus had to tell us “Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..” (Rom 12:2)

Have you ever bought a branded piece of clothes somewhere, thinking it is an original, and after a week when it breaks you realized it was just a duplicate? A duplicate Adidas doesn’t have the same quality as the original, just because looks like an adidas on the outside. Only after using it for some time you will get to see the fake quality behind it. It is the same way with God’s people. A person who tries to be like someone else will not be able to be “as good” as the original. You may resemble that person a lot, but you will never be able to fully copy the original. There is only one person we should strive to emulate, and that is Jesus Christ, our example.

No one can be “you” as good as you can

One thing that happens if you constantly wish to be something you are not is that you will never have any satisfaction in your life. It is good to always pursue holiness and a better character, but we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others and wish that God had created us differently. You have a unique calling from the Lord, and you will fit into that calling only while being yourself. No one can be you as much and as good as you can, and you cannot be someone else as good as they can! It is only when you are you, that you can reach your full potential.

Wouldn’t the world be quite boring if all looked the same, spoke the same and dressed in the same colors? Praise God there is only one Hannah Philip. I don’t think I would stand one more! The same applies to any other person. God is a god of variety, He needs each and every one of us to make His creation complete. If you are not there, one piece in His beautiful painting is missing.

We need to learn how to accept ourselves and develop our character not based on other people, but based on who God has created us to be. Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life. Will you grasp it?

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