Three reasons why fear has no place in your life

Fear can many times stop us from following God wholeheartedly in our lives. Fear of failing, fear of people, fear of what others might think or do. Sometimes it could even be fear of loosing things that are dear to us or letting go of things we love. We really don’t need to live in fear anymore after […]

The danger of unforgiveness

To forgive people who have done harm to us is many times the most challenging thing life throws in our face. I can’t number all the times when I have held things against people and refused to forgive. I have made up numbers of reasons in my head why I don’t have to forgive others, […]

An advice from Mary

Are you willing to sacrifice your own comfort in order to obey God? We are very quick to answer yes on this question, but when it comes to the point where we have to choose between our own comfort and the call of God many people fail. Mary was not such a person. Her calling […]

Is it really God you serve?

I recently sat at home and spoke with a friend about the importance of being wholehearted and surrendered in our walk with God, and it really opened my eyes to certain truths about the Christian life. It is so easy that we live our lives with a tag or a name of “serving God”, but […]

The world isn’t always safe, but God is good

Quite often I get overwhelmed by how God protects me in different situations, even during times when I act stupid. I am so thankful for God’s protections and the presence of His angels all around me. Testimony: Recently I had to travel quickly to one city by different reasons, and I had to do it […]

How to pray focused with the A.C.T.S. prayer

Do you struggle to pray? Sometimes I do, or I would say quite often we struggle to keep our focus on the Lord in prayer, and our mind wants to go somewhere else. This can be a frustration to many people and will cause them to lose hope regarding their spiritual life. There have been […]

A character that stands through tests

I have been tested by God many times in my life. I believe all of us have, and we are continually tested by God in different situations. The tests that I face mainly challenges my character. The times when I have been most challenged and most tested are the times when i feel i have […]

Obedience and the presence of God

  It’s mine, I won’t let go! Have you ever heard your conscience telling you that God is not pleased with something in your life? Have you felt the tangible presence of God moving away from you, because you are holding on to something which is not good for you? Well, then you are not […]