True humility is being what you are

Many times we despise our own talents, our gifts and our strong sides and we want to try to hide and deny them, because we think thay is to be humble. Well, unfortunately we have a twisted perspective of what true humility is. “Who am I to be talanted, gifted or beautiful?”. Actually, who are […]

Wake up from thy sleep O blog!

Good morning! As I was sitting in front of the TV today a thought suddenly hit me: “Hey, I actually have a blog” which I have totally forgot about since almost a year back. I use to be quite an unregular blog-writer, but a year between the posts must be my record now. But I […]

One solitary life

Here is an amazing story about Jesus that I read: Nearly two thousand years ago in an obscure village, a child was born of a peasant woman. He grew up in another village where He worked as a carpenter until he was thirty. Then for three years He became an itinerant preacher. This Man never went to […]

Gathered in Vienna, spread over the world!

Yes, I was one week in Vienna for intensive studies! Once again I am fascinated that wherever I go in the world where there are Christians or churches I feel that I am at home. One person said that it’s a miracle that for example a polish person speak to a Czech, but it is […]

Pray for those in violent relationships

We know her. She goes to our church or cell group with a big smile on her face. She lifts her hands up in the sky and worship our Lord Jesus together with us every Sunday morning. She seems to have a perfect life, and she might even be a minister of the gospel, but […]

Power of endurance in trials

I heard Joyce Meyer recently mentioning a picture about driving a car. When you change the gear there is always a few seconds when it feels like the car is slowing down or even going backwards. It is just for a very short time, and then the car speeds up again to an even higher […]

Not only in Church

I want to encourage everyone reading this to let your gifts flow in your daily life and be open to what God wants us to do, not only in the church or your cell group but also wherever you go. Jesus used his gifts wherever he went, and he never said no to people who […]


Im not that much of a frequent blogger, but now I finally realized it’s time to add a new post. After all, I have gone throught both christmas and new year without saying anything in this part of the cyberspace. If I take the christmas, because that’s when most of the things happened. Me and […]

Reasons to praise God

Unthankfulness is having it’s place in our lives way too much. It makes us having a difficult relation to life. Gods will for you is to enjoy your everyday walk with him, but while holding on to unthankfulness you will never see that come to pass. 1 thess 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances, for […]

Listen to the soft voice, in faith

A thought just hit me, that when we have experiences in this world which teaches us something about the kingdom of God, they are not only for ourselves, but they are for others! We should never withhold the blessings to people, and therefore I want to tell you just a small testimony of what God […]