Im not that much of a frequent blogger, but now I finally realized it’s time to add a new post. After all, I have gone throught both christmas and new year without saying anything in this part of the cyberspace.

If I take the christmas, because that’s when most of the things happened.
Me and my friends were arranging together with pastor Janne, one of the pastors in our church, a special christmas party for the refugees in our city. Even though the time of preparation was a challenge, it was such a joy to do it, and a greater joy on the Christmas evening itself! 250 people showed up and we had an awesome evening together with a lot of food and music.

Many many nations were represented there, and among them some Palestinians! It was a joy to be together with them all. I realised how blessed we all are to have each other, and what a grace it is to be able to serve the most most needy people. I just posted some of the pictures under, which I have borrowed from a brother. Take a look.

People enjoying the food

A big smile of mine 🙂

A lot of children gathered at the front

Three different languages were spoken; swedish, farsi and english

Kurdish dance at the end. People really enjoyed!

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