Listen to the soft voice, in faith

A thought just hit me, that when we have experiences in this world which teaches us something about the kingdom of God, they are not only for ourselves, but they are for others! We should never withhold the blessings to people, and therefore I want to tell you just a small testimony of what God did one day in my life.

I was a bibleschoolstudent in my precious wonderful homechurch in this city, and was flooded by faith-teaching and encouragement, and it was just natural for me to be in that “faith-atmosphere”.
Suddenly one day as I and a friend were on a shopping tour in the center to find a pair of glasses for me (I had gotten bad sight) and my bike disappeared, somebody stole it from the place where we parked it. It wasn’t a very precious or expensive bike (actually I had received it for free) but for me it was very valuable since it was my only means of transportation at that time. It was the time before cars even existed…
So at first came my “how-could-it-happen-attack” and then the precious “If-I-only-had-done this-attack”. And that is the way in which we most times react when something unexpected happens. But I realized that attitude wasn’t gonna help me so I did what should be our first reaction always; I prayed to the Lord!…. And then I reported it to the police.

The very next day as I’m biking on a borrowed bike towards my apartment I hear a small still voice of the Holy Spirit speaking inside of me saying “take the way through this school, and you will find your bike“.
We need to take the soft voice of the Lord seriously always. If we are ever gonna get to know him closer and recognize his voice we need to dare to believe, and step out in faith. I did, and I’m excited to tell you what happened!

This is not a big deal, I mean a bike with no financial worth at all! But the very issue in itself, that the Lord cares about the even smallest things, is worth mentioning. That is the least we can do in return is to exalt him, giving thanks and to declare before people that he is a good God.

When I took the road through that school I turned my eyes towards a certain spot, and there it was! My bike! The police came and released my bike, and I went home in total spiritual victory!!

We should never forget to believe God for small things! When the enemy attacks us remember to; Submit under God, stand against the devil, and he will flee from you!!!

Blessings and love 🙂

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    1. Härligt vittnesbörd 🙂

    2. Maria Sundberg says: Reply

      interesting.. bra skrivet. fin & enkel blogg du har!

    3. You couldn’t be more right about what you said about our experiences with God and the way He gently uses this to bless the others.

      Someone once said that “Christians are the bible that the non-believers read.”

      There are people that rationally convince themselves that there’s no God, but these people never had a change to try faith, TO DARE TO BELIEVE…

      Atheists can try to deny our faith with words, but they can’t say a word when it comes to the way we TASTE God’s Love in our life.

      May God keep blessing you so much, and may this blessings reach many lives with many faith’s seeds.

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