Praise the Lord at all times (Video)

This times I want to continue in the same line as below, but I’m going to show another side of worship.

We tend to think that we should only praise God when life is a dance on roses and everything is fine. But the bible doesn’t say “praise the Lord in good times”, but Psalms 34:1 says Praise the Lord at all times!”. Here is a video which shows different people and different situations. Some are going through trials while others are blessed, but they all have something in common, they all say: “blessed be the Name of the Lord”. Watch and be blessed!


Although our feelings and mood changes, the position of our heart should not change, it should always be in line with what God says and what He has revealed in His word. There is not a single person who is never affected by bad mood or feelings of different kinds. But in Christ we are more than conquerors, over those things as well. The bible says that we have the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16).

To have the mind of Christ is to have the God given ability to think Gods thoughts in the middle of confusion. Here is a copy of a post I wrote in November 2009 about different reasons to praise God. If you live in this you are having the mind of Christ, and you are thinking his thoughts.

“Some people complain that the devil has sent so high electricity bills. But a revealing truth is that the devil has not used the electricity in your home. You need to thank God for that bill. Think about all the good things you could use it for. And think about all those people on the earth that can’t even receive a bill because they don’t even have a home to stay in. Praise God for your bills!

Some people complain that they have too much to study while others around the world barely survive because they never had a chance to go to school. Praise God for being busy with studies!

Some complain that they have to get up of the bed too early in the morning. Even that is something you can praise God for, because that means you have a job to go to in the morning! It also tells me that you have a warm bed in your home. Others have to sleep on the street because they have no bed at all. Praise God for the few hours of sleep you got in a warm bed!

Maybe your husband is just sitting in front of the television all day, but you should praise God for him! That he has patience enough to be your husband :)

Praise God for life! Maybe it could have been better, but it could also be worse. At least you live, and that alone is worth praising God for.

So start thinking Gods thoughts, and live a life of praise and worship, not only at good times, but at all times.

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