Pray for those in violent relationships

We know her. She goes to our church or cell group with a big smile on her face. She lifts her hands up in the sky and worship our Lord Jesus together with us every Sunday morning. She seems to have a perfect life, and she might even be a minister of the gospel, but still there is something which isn’t all right. She is being beaten up by her husband. This is an issue which is very common but still hidden and almost forgotten. Many women live under physical abuse or control in their relationships, and they don’t know how to get out of it. I was looking around on the Internet and found some stories by women who are being abused by their Christian husbands. Listen to their stories and remember to stand in the gap, intercede and pray for these vulnerable, but so precious women.


Dear Sir, my husband is a leader in a popular church in the Bahamas. We have been married for more than fifteen years and for the past five years he has become very abusive. He was first emotionally abusive, then physically abusive after he was chosen to serve in an outstanding church position. The church members do not believe that he is abusive because he is so “nice” and popular. The members often make me feel that I am the problem. Why do Christian men abuse their wives? Need help. “

He began attending church and became a wonderful christian, joined the worship team and everything, He seemed to love the Lord and everything about Church. About 5 yrs ago I got laid off from a job and spent 6 months unemployed,(something he could not control) that is when the abuse began again and has been happening ever since, getting worse actually. The really scarry part is he still goes to church every sunday, reads his bible each day (studies it) but seems to not even get it. “

Here is a real shocker for you all. Iam a very conserveitive Christian women. To most people my husband and I are looked at as legicalist and redicals. We have strong Bapsit beliefs. My husband is verbaly abusive. He puts me down, naggs me etc. He puts his fists in my face when he is angery at me. He uses subbmission in the bible as meaning you obey me. Not for the true meaning of submission really is. He wants to not seek help. Iam seeking help. Iam currently praying for God’s will if I should leave him. We have three little children so this makes it realy hard. I don’t think I could put up with 12 or 30 years of this. He has been this way for the last couple years or I have only come to realize how he treats me. We have been married 61/2 years. He acts a differant way in publci than he does at home. Also I want to a pastor and his wife about this and I was looked at as the one in fault and the pastor told my husband to hit me. How can you call yourself a godly man when your tell others to hit their wifes? I feel only by God’s great love and protection upon me is why I have not been physical abused. I pray that the Lord will lead us into the right dircetion. “

My heart breaks for these precious ladies, and we need to pray for, and help them.

Are you, or a friend of yours stuck in a violent relationship? Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because the problem is not you. Check out to know your rights and to be encouraged to receive or give help. If you have a friend in this situation, don’t give up on her until she is totally free. Ask a pastor to contact her, and support her with your prayers and friendship.

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    1. Sad but so true 🙁

      As a man i would like to add à message to all men out there: If you have à problem, don’t wait but deal with it. If you cant, be à man and ask for help!

    2. This is especially à problem for women who come to this country to marry à swedish man usually from the same country originally. These women have no idea how to get in touch with the social services, police and orher authorities. The language barrier also poses à big problem and the fact that eget are not sure about swedish laws and about what rights they have maybee sometimes in kontrast to their home country.

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