True humility is being what you are

Many times we despise our own talents, our gifts and our strong sides and we want to try to hide and deny them, because we think thay is to be humble.

Well, unfortunately we have a twisted perspective of what true humility is.

“Who am I to be talanted, gifted or beautiful?”.

Actually, who are you not to be? Your are created by a perfect master, Who does not do any mistakes in His creations! The beauty of a painting glorifies the artist. When we say good things about ourselves and others around us it glorifies God, who painted and created us.

God said “Love your neighbor as yourself”. If you hate yourself you can never learn to love your neighbor or to appreciate who he or she is. There are numerous of people who in their jealousy have difficulties enjoying or appreciating other peoples gifts, just because they have problems seeing their own. Without knowing they are constantly causing harm to people whom they are supposed to support.

We need to first learn to love ourselves, accept ourselves, knowing that we are loved by God and gifted by God, and kill the insecurity and identity crisis in the back of our minds, otherwise we can never learn how to love and appreciate others.

The truth of Gods grace humbles a man without degrading him and exalts a man without inflating him. We shouldn’t be so “humble” that we become afraid of other people seeing our gifts. We shouldn’t try to hide our gifts just in order for people not to see and enjoy them. You playing small and hiding yourself doesn’t save the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won’t feel insecure in your presence. Be free and be who you are without fear of people seeing you.

Playing small and insignificant is false humility. We should have a sound thinking regarding ourselves. Sometimes that false humility makes us want to show people how “humble” we are so that they can admire our humble attitude. “Look everybody! I’m speaking low about myself, I always hide my gifts, I am not showing what I have because I have nothing, bla bla bla..”. It can be a temptation to be like that so that people will recognize us as very humble people, but that’s also false humility. A humble person doesn’t have any need of talking about his gifts, but neither does he have any problem if anyone notice them. He is just being who he is, in Christ.

A true humble person knows who he is and doesn’t have any problems in praising God for it. It comes from God, and since it comes from God only, I have all the reason in the world to be happy and thankful for it. God deserves my thanksgiving and praise for it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. Let us be who we are and praise God for it!

But that doesn’t mean we should be proud about it. We should never enter the other ditch of being puffed up, and think that since I am so gifted to do a specific thing, nobody else is able to do it as good as I can. A humble person knows who he is, but he doesn’t have a need of showing it off in search for recognition. If we know who we are we don’t need to talk about it, neither do we need to show it. Our recognition is in the Lord and in the beautiful knowledge that He loves us no matter what.

So let’s break free from wrong humility and begin to thank God for who we, and our brothers and sisters are.

Have you ever encountered people with false humility? How did you recognize it in them?

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