Why i’m thankful for life

Proverbs 27:1

Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.

Recently I had an “eye-opening” experience which made me realize how often we can take life for granted and waste it by doing all kinds of unnecessarily things which doesn’t profit for eternity.

I was flying from Trivandrum to Kolkata with my husband when suddenly the plane started shaking (and that too when I was in the restroom!). The first thing I saw when I came out was a young man throwing up, and the next moment the crew fell backwards to the floor. It was my first experience with that much of turbulence, and even though I know that the pilot knows exactly what he is doing the fact remains that it was kind of an inconvenient experience for both of us at that moment.

This experience was just a drop in the ocean compared to what many others are actually going through. We Christians have a divine protection and we proclaim Gods promises over our life, which is very important. But when we look at the world today we also see that accidents are a part of this fallen world, and we should be very thankful to God for each time He has protected us. Life is a gift that God has given us. Oh if we could only see and understand how many times God has actually saved us from the potholes of the enemy! How many children are there in the world who never even get to see the sunlight because they are being aborted in the mother’s womb itself? The place which God intended to be a place of security for the infants has become the most dangerous and exposed place on earth, where life can end in just a moment. We should be thankful that we are not one of those children. Many other examples are there of how easily life can end for a human being.

Let us praise and thank God that we have had the privilege to get born, and that He has protected us so many number of times. Gratitude helps our attitude. If we can learn how to be thankful, then our minds and our attitudes will also change to the better, and we will be able to have a more positive perspective of life. Let’s be thankful for every moment of our life, our houses, food, kids, parents, friends, etc. We never know what tomorrow brings and we cannot take anything that we have for granted. It’s all a gift from God. David is my primary example of a man who literally thanked God for everything. He had good days and bad days, extremely bad, but he was still always thankful for everyday.

While sitting in the aircraft various of thoughts entered in and out of my mind, and it’s interesting to look back and notice what I was thinking about. The first though that came in to my mind was “Am I right with God? Or have I done anything that hurts Him?” and secondly I started to think about all unnecessary things I have spent my time on instead of serving God. All the hours on Facebook, Twitter, all the lazy “TV-watching-days” and all the times I’ve just been playing around and lost opportunities to minister to people.  But one thing I have decided before and I decide it again today, and that is to value everyday and make the best out of it. He has protected me many times from things I have no clue about, but I do not take it for granted. It is only His grace and His amazing love for me, and I am so thankful for it.

Finally I want to end this post with a promise from Psalms 91:11-12 that I encourage you to memorize and use whenever doubt or fear tries to enter your mind. His word says that “He has given His angels charge over you to keep you in all His ways. In their hands they should bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone. ”  That is what I proclaim and believe, for my life and for yours as well.


Have you ever had an experience which made you appreciate life more? If so, please drop in a comment and tell me about it.

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